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Bohmsach Röhrenhandel GmbH

Bohmsach Röhrenhandel GmbH in NorderstedtYour professional partner for steel pipes and accessories

The Company "Bohmsach Röhrenhandel GmbH" was founded in 1982 by Johannes Bohmsach. Customer satisfaction and strict adherence to deadlines are important elements that distinguish us for more than three decades to other trading companies.

The high quality standards for steel pipes and accessories ensure the continuoise success of the "Bohmsach Röhrenhandel GmbH" in Norderstedt by Hamburg.

Since 2005, the daughter Claudia Vogt, has been taken over managemenet and leads "Bohmsach Röhrenhandel GmbH" according to these aspects.

We deliver to industry (energy, chemicals, engineering etc.), construction and ship yards. Request will be treated shortly and in due time. Our business practise is personality and cooperation.